MySQL Problems following Homestead upgrade

We recently upgraded our standard Homestead development environment to V3.0. Initial testing with new Laravel projects went well, however we encountered two MySQL Problems following Homestead upgrade with some of…

January 6, 2016Technical

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SSL Setup on Laravel Forge

A interesting set of statistics and analysis for SSL standards across the web is reported by SSL Pulse. This shows that of the top 150,000 SSL enabled web sites examined 30.6% have SSL configured correctly….

September 19, 2014Technical

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Foundations for Product Innovation – The case for a Product Curator

A curator at a museum looks after the different artefacts in a collection. A curator decides on what new items are needed, researches the use and historical application and…

August 29, 2014Business

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Processing input from web forms using an Unpresenter

Often when presenting information on the web the format for storage and the format used for display and storage are different. A very common example of this is handling…

August 15, 2014Technical

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What do Ogres and technology innovation have in common?

I am sure that many of you have seen the original film “Shrek” in which the hero, together with his trusty steed – Donkey, overcomes the usual assortment of…

May 15, 2014Business

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Developing a strategy for effective information security

In recent months there has been a veritable downpour of media coverage about the the security of your digital information. Issues such as the Heartbleed bug, defect in Internet…

April 28, 2014Business

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