Sauve Solutions launches information security awareness workshop

on September 24, 2014 News with 0 comments

Every day it appears there are new press stories about the latest leak of information over the internet. Whether it is celebrity photographs or corporate strategies these leaks are damaging to the reputation of the companies and people involved.

With businesses making increasing use of online and cloud systems, it is possible to see a scenario where a security breach could impact the ongoing viability of a business.

IT departments often address the direct means of attack with firewalls, security policies and access controls on systems. While these are an absolutely essential defence, a examination of recent events shows that the actions of individuals are often a significant contributor to the leak – so called “Social Engineering.”

In stark contrast to the huge coverage about the latest information leak, there remains an almost complete lack of advice about practical steps that companies and their staff can take to minimise risk of exposure.

The reality is there are a lot of simple things that can be done to improve your security – outside of the IT department.

To address this need Sauve Solutions has developed a three hour information security awareness workshop. This short workshop provides practical advice and techniques your staff can apply to improve information security. The workshop covers:

  • Growing importance information security so important
  • How do systems protect information
  • Secure passwords (that you can remember)
  • Multi-factor authentication

Attendees will take away a one page summary that encapsulates the practical advice that they can refer to later and will help to keep security considerations at the front of their minds.

The combination of background information and practical advice will raise awareness of information security issues and when followed will improve the overall security of your information. The sessions can be held in your offices or other convenient venue for just £450.00 + VAT for up to ten attendees.

Call Sauve Solutions on 01353 464023 to arrange a session for your staff.